Aims and Principal Activities

AAHT is a charity and is constituted as a company limited by guarantee and is therefore governed by its memorandum and articles of association. The objectives and principal activities of the charity continue to be: The protection, preservation and conservation of the built and natural environment in the districts of North, East and South Ayrshire, through active involvement in the acquisition and restoration of buildings and land, and through identifying and developing new, compatible and sustainable uses for such properties.

The development of a revolving fund to facilitate such acquisitions

As a revolving fund trust, AAHT will acquire, restore and – subject to suitable provisions for their future preservation and maintenance – dispose of properties deemed worthy of preservation, and apply the proceeds of one project to the working capital required for the next.

The development of expertise within the charity that will be made available, on a consultancy basis, to other organisations, both within and without Ayrshire, operating in the same fields of interest. In particular, AAHT would wish to encourage the growth of smaller community-based regeneration projects.